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Just Launched: STX Ultra Power

26 Nov

Just Launched: STX Ultra Power

Just Launched: STX Ultra Power

When Mission was challenged with the marketing launch of the STX Ultra Power Lacrosse Head — which has been nearly five years in the making — the main goal was to convey how drastically different and revolutionary the new head is. Mission set out to reveal the story of this product and how it breaks the mold, creating a paradigm shift for lacrosse that will forever change the game. The campaign to promote the Ultra Power Lacrosse Head centered around the mantra "Speed Up."

Through video, animation and infographics, the story of the evolution of the head is told, detailing how the product research and development was inspired by the sport of jai alai. The history of jai alai, often referred to as "the fastest sport in the world" because of the 170 mph and higher speed of the ball, is shared in the video. It relates the sport to STX's development process, and ultimately how the Ultra Power Lacrosse Head came to life. 

The design goal for the campaign and web page was to portray speed and offer an engaging user experience with electrified, animated creative. 

To determine the best way to show how the Ultra Power Lacrosse Head makes your shot faster, key art was created and then expanded upon to set the theme for the entirety of the web page and campaign. 3D design was used to make the real product appear graphical. Speed was demonstrated through the use of pixelation, which creates the perception of the "Ultra Power" and "Speed Up" text being in motion. Light was utilized to electrify visuals and text, while the color palette consisting of neon purples and blues contributes to a vibrant '80s look and feel. The end result is a landing page with a fun, retro aesthetic that appears to be constantly in motion. 

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